The Bisococo Lifestyle
We believe in purity. We believe in a love for natural ingredients, and protecting our skin. We believe in the Bisococo glow.

Bisococo was founded by Creative Director Jessica Johansson. Jessica was living the fast paced agency life in New York when she read an article about a magic natural wonder called coconut oil.

This pure natural product offered nutrients that benefit your skin, hair and nails, that can be used as makeup remover, moisturiser, SPF, conditioner and more, and can help heal a list of ailments, from stretch marks to fine lines and sun spots.

She realised this product, used for centuries in cultures around the world, was every time short, money low, but beauty high girl’s one hit wonder. From top to toe.

But there was a problem – she couldn’t find a tested, ready to use, beautifully packaged and convenient version to rival the big names weighing down her beauty bag (and her wallet). So she set about making one for herself, and Bisococo was born.

Three years later and Bisococo remains true to its original conception, with their signature pure coconut oil transforming people’s beauty routines and lightening their daily essentials load. And the product range is continuing to expand, with one simple rule – all natural, toxin free and brought to you beautifully, from the inside out.