Coconut Tangerine Coffee Scrub – 100g


We have expanded our delicious coconut oil to a luxurious coffee scrub – because we love well-exfoliated skin – and this one really speaks for itself.

Not only do we love the way it looks in the shower, but the scrub has a variety of benefits as well. While our coffee scrub profits from everything good in the coconut oil, it also contains natural Arabica coffee grounds to help brighten skin, unclog pores, and soften lines. Coffee contains Caffeic acid, an antioxidant that gives you a light exfoliation to boost the skin’s protective barrier (read more about that here!). To complete this aromatic and mood-boosting product, we combine delicious brown sugar to enhance the scrubbing action, almond oil to protect your skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage, cinnamon for its antiseptic qualities, and tangerine essential oils for a simply irresistible scent.

The Bisococo coffee scrub is 100% natural and leaves your skin undoubtedly soft and fresh.

• 100g
• All natural ingredients
• Sustainably Produced

Use as a body exfoliator in your shower or bath. Take a hand full of scrub in your palm, add a small amount of water to it and start massaging in the Coffee scrub in circular motions. Let the Coffee scrub rest on your body for a minute or two, this way you’ll give it time to soak in and really work it’s magic. After your scrub ritual is done, rinse and enjoy the delicious scent and softness of your silky smooth skin.

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