Our favorite kale sallad

Posted by admin | January 18, 2017 | Natural, Recipes

Garlic kale and brown rice salad with lemon dressing, yjum!

We love this sallad  from Pinch of yum! 
Return of the salad! Except it’s not really a salad. Which is a good thing in our house – like for the times when Bjork says, “What’s for dinner?” and I tell him I have leftover SALAD in the fridge, and he gives me a look but then suddenly I put a bowl of this crunchy-satisfying brown rice garlic kale combo in front of him with a fried egg I REPEAT: FRIED EGG on top and he says, “That’s not a salad.” As a compliment. True love, yknow?

This recipe – salad, skillet, whatever it is – is a delicious warm mish-mash of garlic kale, brown rice, lemon herb dressing, and crushed Kettle Brand Sea Salt and Pepper chips for crunch.

Friends, I am having a hot second with chips crushed up in salads.

You know when you go out to a restaurant and it’s so wonderful that they have those little wonton strips or tortilla pieces or crispy onions on top of all their salads? This is that, but three things –>

Better, because it’s made at home which means food in your face in about three seconds flat.
Better, because it’s not a mystery-fried-food-atop-a-salad situation as much as it is those natural, non-GMO Kettle Brand chips that you already have in your cupboard doubling their usefulness as snack AND salad topping.
Better, because this brown rice / kale / chip / dressing combo can double as a fast and easy dinner OR a great easy side for any Friendsgiving celebrations you might have coming up.


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