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We have always strived to create timeless clothes made from long-lasting materials with the ambition to offer garments with a longer lifespan than the average clothing item. Throughout our production processes, we work with suppliers who take care of their employees and work with production methods that are not endangering or harming the eco-system. We aspire to create classical pieces with character, so that women wearing them always feel empowered and easily can combine different pieces from different collections together. We are strong believers in giving our customers the right care instructions with the purchase of a Dagmar garment in order for the garment to maintain its quality and durability. By designing classical yet expressive clothes in high-quality materials, we believe that the item can be wearable year after year.

Certified viscose, organic cotton, friendly fur, mulesing-free merino wool, recycled polyester, chrome-free leather, lyocell fibers and eco-regenerated cashmere are some of the materials featured in our collections. We strive to be at the forefront in both the search and use of new environmentally friendly fabrics. Therefore, we are involved in several projects that actively work towards developing new fabrics and production methods.


• Supporting women to be full participants in society.

• Practicing business responsibly with absolute regard for human rights.

• Guiding our product and practice toward sustaining our environment.

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