Vacation time, no matter where you are heading, brings with it some special skin care needs. Sometimes, it may be impossible to carry all of your normal skin care products with you or you might not be able to do your daily skin care regimen.

For several days before leaving, avoid products that dry your skin or make you more sensitive to sunlight (for example, retinoids). Use an extra dose or moisturizer before getting on an airplane, as air travel can dry out your skin.

Apply sunscreen everywhere. Not just the face, legs, arms and chest. Don’t forget your ears, feet and hands.

Keep make-up to a minimum. Adopt the minimalist look for your vacation, using make-up to highlight your eyes, lips or cheeks, but avoid overdoing it. During vacation, you want your make-up to look light and natural rather than heavy.

Hydrate, make sure to drink water before heading to the beach as well as when you are sitting on the beach or by the pool. Moisturized skin starts from the inside; staying hydrated helps you look your best.

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