Coconut oil is not just for the ladies. There are so many uses for it – and it shouldn’t only be a must in the women’s beauty routing – but it’s one of those products you can share (or fight over).

One. It’s super practical with multiple uses. See:
1. Especially, you can cook with it
2. Also, you can use it as a butter/margarine substitute for bread//crackers etc
3. Above all, it can be used on your face and body as it contains vitamin E

I get it. It feels weird using the same thing you put on toast on your cheeks – but once you get over the initial shock you’ll be a life-long fan!

For use on the face and body

You only need a TINY amount to achieve a great result. Using a mirror dab some coconut oil onto your index finger (hopefully this encourages you not to use too much!) apply to your face in gentle strokes.
Remember: always wash your face first using a gentle foaming face-wash. Coconut oil for male skin care is particularly effective for the under-eye area, dry patches and the neck area after you’ve shaved. Spend a couple of minutes gently massaging it in before you apply your moisturizer. It’s great on dry hands too.
Money saving: You will find that because you’ve applied coconut oil you’ll need less moisturizer therefore saving money!


I love using coconut oil on my whole body once week or more if your skin is dry or during the winter. Again you don’t need very much. Use a small amount and apply to dry areas, especially knees and elbows and anywhere else that takes your fancy! Your skin will glow with health and you’ll smell gorgeous too. What type of coconut oil to buy? I would always recommend getting an unrefined/raw, virgin organic brand. There are several great brands available in health food stores and if you’re just using it on your face it will last for ages. It’s exceptional value for money.


We are all more aware these days about some of the harsh and potentially harmful ingredients contained in many of the grooming products we use everyday. From shampoo to toothpaste what you select put in your hair, under your armpits and spread over your face and body can sometimes be more like chemical warfare than male pampering. However, because coconut oil for male skincare is completely natural you can relax, safe in the knowledge that there are no nasty side-effects. If it’s ok to eat then it’s fine to treat (your face and body!).

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