It is a given method to apply in your daily skin routine when washing your face after a long day at work. There are several celebs out there that use coconut oil to remove their makeup. Just to mention one we have the beautiful actress Emma Stone.

In a interview with Vogue the stunning actress tells us that the coconut oil is a part of her daily essentials using it as a makeup remover.

So how does it work? Just take a cotton pad and scoop a small amount of the oil on it. Then dab it all over the face and once it’s even applied use circular motion to massage the oil into your skin.
If you want to remove mascara from your lashes you can take some coconut oil on your fingers and gently apply some oil to your lashes.
Once the oil is applied you take a washcloth and rinsing it under some medium warm water. Your face is now ready for the removing of the oil so easily wipe of the coconut oil from your face, you don’t need to rub, it will come of easy anyway. Now the makeup is removed and you can splash your face with some medium warm water.
Enjoy the fresh feeling and all the healthy minerals from the coconut oil.

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